Trade mark protection for Brazil 2014

This year’s football World Cup will also involve trade mark-related aspects. FIFA, the international football governing body, owns several trade marks concerning wordings, logos and symbols, including FIFA, World Cup Brazil 2014, Copa 2014, the official emblem, the official mascot and the slogan “All in One Rhythm”.

The football governing body is usually very active in policing its trade mark rights. FIFA is not only active in protecting its own rights, but is also involved in supporting official sponsors: for example, in 2010 (South Africa World Cup) FIFA accused a Dutch beer brand of “ambush marketing” when around 30 women wearing identical orange dresses attended a game. According to a FIFA spokesman, there will be a lot of work to be done in Brazil in connection with trade mark protection also because Brazil, and South America in General, is proving a problematic jurisdiction.

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